Revenge Spells

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They say that revenge is a dish best served cold but, whether you want someone to pay for their bad deeds or intentions either now or in the future, then our Revenge spells can undoubtedly fulfill your expectations. This spell cannot be cast against an innocent party. It is not […]

Control Spells

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There are many situations in life where we wish for more control. Today multiple people have the power to affect our existence, and often negatively, so we yearn more than anything to flick a switch and be the ones to hold the reins and regain control over our lives and […]

Spells to Break a Bad Habit

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You’ve tried to quit the bad habit you have, but you haven’t quite succeeded yet. Maybe you’ve been able to stop smoking or eating too much for a period of time, but then you just went back to the way things were before. And while you might feel let down […]

Spells to Delete The Past

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We all make mistakes with the people that we love. We may have been angry or we had a miscommunication, and it’s gotten in the way of the friendships we’ve had. If this sounds like you, have you ever wished you could make the other person forget what has happened […]

Protection Spells

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While you may not want to think about it, there are dangers in the world. Most of the time, you can avoid thinking about them, but maybe it’s time to remember they exist. To protect yourself and your family from harm, you need to be aware and be ready for […]

Spells to Remove a Curse

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Even though you might not be able to say why you know when something isn’t quite right in your body. You feel your skin crawl or you feel your stomach ache, and you know that something bad is happening. It’s the same way with magic, you can probably tell that […]

Spells to Stop a Breakup or Divorce

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Any relationship is going to have its bad days and tough times. Whether you’ve faced family problems or money problems or life problems, relationships don’t feel good all the time. But if you’re in a situation where things are worse than bad, and you feel you’re heading toward the end, […]

Spells to Attract Positive Energy

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In life, there are times when you might feel down and depressed. There might be outside influences that cause this to happen or there might be no reason at all. No matter what is true for you, when you are harboring negative energy, it can cause you to have negative […]

Return Lost Lover Spells

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When you fall in love, you hope that it will last forever. You feel the depth of your connection to another person and you want to stay in that bliss. But things happen and things change – and not always for the better. While some couples might grow stronger during […]

Fertility and Pregnancy Spells

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When you’ve wanted a child and have had troubles getting pregnant, it can be a challenging time. You might be completely healthy and there might be no reason for the lack of success. Or you might have health challenges and yet you still know you’re destined to be a parent […]